Is there In-App purchase feature within your apps?

Absolutely not.  There's no currency sold within the app. There's no in-app upgrade purchase. Basically what you download is what you get. 


What is the tech requirement for running the apps?

IOS: Lars and Friends runs on any Ipad with IOS 6 and up. The app size is 39.1 mb. 

Christmas Words with Lars runs on any Ipad with IOS 6 and up. The app size is 65 mb. 

Lars' Christmas Carol Lyrics runs on Ipad and Iphones with IOS 6 . The app size is 10.5 mb. 

Once downloaded from Itunes store, you do not need internet connection to run it. 


There is no audio. What should I do?

Lars and Friends and Christmas Words with Lars: Check if your volume button is not muted or turned down. Check if your operating system if it's the version compatible with the app. 

Lars' Christmas Carol Lyrics: There is no audio in the app. 


The app wont start. What do I do?

Delete the app from your device and re-download the app. Once you purchased it, you can re-download and update the app for free, even if you deleted the app from your device. 


We love that Lars' Christmas Carol Lyrics is free, but why aren't Lars and Friends and Christmas Words with Lars free? 

The latter two artisanal apps took especially a lot of effort and time to make, because everything in it is handcrafted. We’ve chosen a small, up-front, and transparent fee so we can ensure there is NO ADVERTISING ON OR OFF THE APP. That being said, look out for seasonal promotion this holiday season, featuring Lars and Friends only for 99 cents! 


I am an android user. Are you going to be adding an android version?

We’re sorry to say that our apps aren't available on Android currently. We hope to make them available in the future so that everyone can enjoy all of our apps great features and content.


What if my question is not on this page? 

Please email us at larstheredhorse@gmail.com with as much info as possible. That will allow us to help you and respond ASAP!

We’ll also be updating this page with additional questions and answers so we can be as helpful as possible.



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