In effort to nurture a brand that families can trust, we are genuinely committed to do best practices in the kids app department. We strive to be respectful and mindful about kids' privacy and safe environment. 

No in-app purchase, no ads, no marketing emails and we do not collect personal information or analytics. We do not allow advertising companies to collect data through our service. 



We do not see nor have access to your financial information. All transactions are done through and follow the standard protocols of Itunes App Store. 


PARENTAL GATE (applicable to Lars and Friends app)

Tucked in the bottom of the info page. you will find three external links;  a link to rate us on the Appstore, a link this website and a link to our Facebook page. To protect the little ones from engaging in any activity outside the app, the Info page is locked with a parental gate that can be only unlocked by completing an adult-level task.



In Lars' Christmas Carol Lyrics (rated 17+) , there are two external links which direct you to Lars and Friends and Christmas Words with Lars page on Itunes App store. 



We use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to host our fan page that you can voluntarily "like" if you'd like to have access to our news (such as updates and sequel release) . The Facebook page also displays illustrated tips published in this website's blog. We do not extract or share our Facebook fans information with anyone. 



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Lars' Christmas Carol Lyrics contains song lyrics that are in the public domain.